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If you are a conscientious and decent client, then you most likely will not need this text 

 We have not had any requests for refunds due to poor quality or incomplete services for a long time, as we consistently keep the level of customer service at the level of “perfect”.

But, firstly, there are a lot of people who are doing “bulk testing” on different hosting, as well as hackers and common scammers who seek to use the possibility of refunds for their own benefit.

Secondly, no one is immune from cataclysms and an unfortunate series of coincidences. Even us. Therefore, below we describe in detail the rules for refunding funds to customers.

So, we refund funds if the service was not provided in full. To do this, you need to fill out an application and provide a copy of your passport. Of course, this information is absolutely confidential and is only needed to protect both us and you from intruders. The completed application is sent to us and only to us. We strongly recommend that you do not share it with third parties.

After submitting the application through the ticket system, funds will be refunded automatically, without any additional questions or clarifications.

Important point: the service begins to be considered provided from the moment the client receives data to access the server.

  1. Compensation is charged if the server is offline.
  2. The service is considered not provided if the client does not receive (or does not receive in full) one of the resources described in the tariff: CPU / RAM / DISK. The Internet channel is not included in this list, as there are no guaranteed metrics for this service.
  3. Refunds in case of payment using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency are not possible, since this method does not provide the possibility of personal identification.
  4. Refunds for the Dedicated Server service will not be provided under any circumstances.
  5. We do not provide options for recalculating or refunding funds for the unused period.
  6. If the server is not available for some time only from you or from a narrow circle of people, for a reason beyond our control (while it is available from most parts of the world), the funds will not be returned. The provider is not responsible for such situations.
  7. If your IP address is in third party listings, you can send links to these listings to our technical support. We will contact them and ask them to remove your IP address from there. However, we will not provide a refund or replacement of the IP address in such cases.
  8. Also, a refund is not possible if the server was purchased at a discount or promotion.
  9. We reserve the right to immediately block all services and even an account without a refund in the event that we receive complaints about a customer. In cases where the complaints turn out to be unjustified, as well as received as a result of a hack or a drawing, the funds will also not be refunded, since the above situations are beyond our responsibility.
  10. We reserve the right to regard inappropriate statements as an insult to an employee or a threat. Such statements, as well as the use of obscene words in correspondence or conversation, may cause a refusal to return funds and block an account or server.
  11. In case of a refund, 10% of the funds are used to offset the associated costs. Thus, you will receive 90% of the original amount.

Important point: our service and area of responsibility is the allocation of server capacities and technical support. The client is responsible for everything that happens to content and power on the Internet.

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